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Buy direct from the factory and save! For over 30 years Todd Smith Products has produced the world's highest quality precision juggling equipment. We have supplied products to Cirque du Soleil and to Ringling Brothers Circus.

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THE BEST JUGGLING CLUB ON THE PLANET! Click here to see what MANY famous jugglers say about Assassins. Now just $31.99 each!!

Basic Assassins. Less decorated than regular Assassin clubs, colored bodies. Click here: just $21.99 each!!

Sale: Elan clubs for beginners: Just $11 each! Click here to order.

Note: Due to huge demand for our products, we have a backlog in filling orders. Being a manufacturer, we may not ship as fast as a store. Our quality is worth the wait. It's your choice: their fancy retail website or our factory outlet prices.
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Juggling Equipment & Supplies  - Juggling Clubs: Europeans, Americans, One Piece, Thumpers, Elans
Juggling Equipment & Supplies - Torches
Juggling Equipment & Supplies   - Beanbags: Stress and Logo Balls, Beanbags
Bean Bags
Juggling Equipment & Supplies  - Juggling Balls: Acrylics, Silicone, Aerotech Glowballs, Fire Balls
Silicone Balls
Juggling Equipment & Supplies - Juggling Kits: 3- Ball Kit, Video Kit, Club Kit
Juggling Kits
Juggling Equipment & Supplies  - Juggling Balls: Acrylics, Silicone, Aerotech Glowballs, Fire Balls
 Juggling Equipment & Supplies - Devil Sticks: Mylar, Cloth, Glow, Fire, Lunastix
Devil Sticks
Juggling Equipment & Supplies - Juggling Rings
Juggling Equipment & Supplies - Scarves
Juggling Equipment & Supplies - Stress and Logo Balls
Logo and Stress Balls
Juggling Equipment & Supplies - Fire Props: Balls, Diabolos, Torches, Devil Sticks, Poi
Fire Props
 Juggling Equipment & Supplies - Juggling Knives
Juggling Equipment & Supplies - Cigar Boxes: Mylar, Wood, Glow-In-The-Dark
Cigar Boxes
Juggling Equipment& Supplies- Acrylic Balls
Acrylic Balls
Juggling Equipment & Supplies- Diabolos: Beach, Standard, Fire
Juggling Equipment & Supplies - Hats
Juggling Equipment & Supplies - Poi: Regular, Fire
Juggling Equipment & Supplies - Juggling Books: We offer a wide variety of juggling books
Juggling Equipment & Supplies - Juggling Videos: We offer a variety of juggling dvds and videos
Dvds and Videos
 Juggling Equipment & Supplies - Mystix

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earthliness - The Perfect Holiday Gift!
Three Ball Juggling Kits - Perfect for beginning jugglers!

Beanbag Juggling Balls - Our classic juggling ball.
Logo Juggling Balls - Imprint your logo onto our juggling balls!
8333036709 - Beating stress takes balls... stress balls!

573-575-6326 - Our most beautiful juggling ball.
Silicone Juggling Balls - The PERFECT juggling ball!

(613) 306-3148 - Our newest, finest juggling club.
813-250-6536 - Our classic juggling club.
Satellite Juggling Clubs - Our most eye catching juggling club.
Phantom Juggling Clubs - Our slickest juggling club.
(203) 891-1099 - Perfect for beginning jugglers.

Cloth Devilsticks - Easy and fun to use!
Mylar Devilsticks - Look great on stage.
Glow-in-the-Dark Devilsticks - Light up the stage!
Fire Devilsticks - Heat up any performance!
8224968451 - Add some pizazz to your show!

Meteor Fire Diabolos - Don't worry, the string can't burn.
Fire Devilsticks - Heat up any performance!
Fire Torches - The classic fire prop!
Flaming Poi! - Start swinging!

(224) 303-4306 - Juggling in Style.
Top Hat - Not just for magicians any more!

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New: Assassins!

Basic Elans
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